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My Professional Portfolio

Introduction & Skillsets

I’m 28 this year skilled in growth hacking methods that include strategic planning and implementation, digital marketing, web development and etc.

Enjoys integrating business processes for a smoother workflow and increasing productivity for businesses I work with. On top of the usual and basic methods, I tend to try to think out of the box of methods that will help to increase conversions, business credibility, and customer loyalty. 

I would say that my weakness would be in terms of detailed graphic design, however that said, when it comes to the web, I always try to implement the latest and most user-friendly way. Plan & Project manage freelancers or 3rd party vendors should that be required.

Personally, I love diving, self-defense martial arts, thought-provoking films, and listening to music that portrays how I feel. 

Search Engine Optimization, Blogging/Copywriting, Facebook Marketing, SEO Backlinks, Video Editing, Automated Marketing Tools and EDM marketing, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Advertisements Targeting, Google Adwords ( SEM ), Hootsuite, Search Engine Marketing ( Adwords ) , Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter), Data Analysis and Reports using Facebook Analytics, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Cooperate Gifts, Video Editing of Company Video, Video shoots for Marketing(testimonial) Video, Planning and Designing of Brochure, Events Management, Email Marketing(mailchimp), social media response, Copywriting of articles(content marketing), Social Media Marketing, SEO / SEM, Development of Reports and SEO results with Google analytics, Facebook Ads/Organic Marketing Campaign, Email Marketing(mailchimp), Google Data Studio, Google my business

Voucher Development, WordPress site development, Facebook AI Support Bots(chat fuel), Web CRM Integration, Enterprise Solution Partnership Integration, Accounting Software and Bank Integration, E-Commerce site development, Subscription and Booking Module Integration, , CRM Team Integration with Facebook Messenger, Web Hosting, CPanel, Email Creation and Integration, Zaiper, Website Management and Development (WordPress), Google Analytics and CRM Integration, Vtiger CRM, Client Meeting, , Monthly Sales Reports, Administrative Email and Customer Support, Multi-Language Support (EN,CN,Russia), Creation of Company Website, Web Hosting Management, Implementation of Productivity Solutions, Website Development for Kydon Group ( Digital Learning Company ), Marketing Software integration onto a website, SEO, Digitial Marketing Strategy, Leads generation workflows implementation and recommendation, Revamp of the subsidiary 3 companies websites. WordPress theme, multilingual translation of English and Vietnam, Color and Layout Branding, Case Studies and UAT Testing


Designs and Layout of website, Customer Loyalty Card, Name card, Brochure & CIS Designs, Company Stamps, Brochure Design, Training Documents, Website Layout UI/UX, Name Card, Brochure Designs, Company Website, Submission and Sourcing for Printing, Manage UI/UX Design & Wire-framing for Mobile App, Web App, Website for Clients Project. 


Government Grants and Claims Submission, Invoice and P.O. Project Management, Investor Pitch Presentation, Upworks Contracts(outsourcing), Employment, NDA and Sales Contracts, Handling and Sourcing Catering, ensure project requirement completion of 3rd party vendors(designer, developer, translator and etc.), clients email request and overseas counterparts liaising, setting up a cloud space for downloads of documents for team in China, Managing company email,

Government Grants and Claims Submission, Invoice and P.O. Project Management, Investor Pitch Presentation, Upworks Contracts(outsourcing), Employment, NDA and Sales Contracts, Handling and Sourcing Catering, ensure project requirement completion of 3rd party vendors(designer, developer, translator and etc.), clients email request and overseas counterparts liaising, setting up a cloud space for downloads of documents for team in China, Managing company email,

Interview of potential new hire, Team Training & Sales Kit Creation, Training Resources for Design and Project Team for Upgrade of Skills, Government Grant Research and Implementation Internally and Externally, Account for Profitability and KPI Targets, Filing, Document Planning and Organisation on shared server, Inventory Management System, Accounting System, CMS, CRM,

HTML & CSS, Design Mockup Workflow, Investor Pitch Presentation Kit, Sales Kit Deployment, Digital Marketing Strategies, Advance WordPress Development, Enterprise Solution Integration & Implementation, Blogging / Writing, Swimming, Diving, Singing, Excel Formula, G Suite Implementation, Web Development, Event Security & Communication, Negotiation & Legality Contract Creation, SEO / SEM, Muay Thai, Driving, Film-Acting and Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Audio Visual Setup, CCTV and Enterprise Solutions Implementations. Permanent & Temporary SSL Certification, Subdomain, Web Hosting, Website backup, Website Security, 2FA Security, Marketing Automations, SEO Ranked Blogs, Google Local Business Keyword Ranking, Youtube SEO, QR Code Creation, Combination of solutions, basic agile project management, mobile layout productivity

Notable Special Skills: Implementation of Enterprise Integrated Solution, Disruptive Marketing Strategies and Formation of Win-Win Partnership / Structures

Highest Education: “O” Level 

Professional WSQ Certification: 

  • Assess marketing opportunities within international and/or diverse markets
  • Establish and track the orgranisation’s marketing position
  • Manage outsourcing
  • Perform competitive analysis 



  • Website SEO
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Course


Google Certifications

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business

Hardcopy Testimonials

*Do note that my previous name was Jefferson before water baptism so when you see the name mentioned in my portfolio, know that it’s updated officially to the name above.

Interactive Analytics Namecard

Loyalty Rewards

Brochure Example

UI/UX Designs

Company App Marketing Video Animation

The images are clickable to see examples.

UI/UX Designs and video animation, worked with  designer colleagues, I came out with the concept, words and details, she helped with the designs and animation – you can check out more of their wonderful works here – https://b3broccoli.com/ 

Work Experiences

Jan 2022 – Aug 2022

  • From 500 downloads to 25000+ App store downloads in two months after joining the company. 10000+ IOS / 10000+ Android play store in the targeted country, and receive celebrity endorsement in Tiktok.
  • Implemented UI/UX Designs to increase user retention and download rate, and google analytics/tag manager to better track downloads from ads tracking, Keyword ASO, Onsite keyword optimization, Page speed optimization, influencer marketing

Hired as: Marketing Executive (mainly SEO)

Main job scope ( as of job description when applied ) 

  • Responsibilities:
    ● Design, support and implement digital marketing activities across a broad range of digital
    marketing channels to support business goals.
    ● Create relevant, compelling, and engaging content for multiple digital platforms.
    ● Develop strong relationships with cross functional teams to ensure the efficient execution of
    marketing initiatives.
    ● Assist with measuring the effectiveness and performance of marketing campaigns against
    ● Provide analytics, insights, and improvement actions for all digital channels to align with
    business goals.
    ● To work with Marketing Director on marketing budget and develop cost- effective marketing
    ● Assist with measuring and reporting metrics.
    ● Provide marketing and operational support to the team.
    ● Any other duties that may be assigned by the company.
    ● Analytical, performance-driven, meticulous with data, strong research, and communication
    ● Good knowledge in Google analytics and data analysis for optimisation
    ● Good organisational and time management skills.
    ● Ability to self-manage and to work independently with little supervision while meeting
    expectations – and able to collaborate well within a team.
    ● Excellent written and verbal communication skills is preferred in developing effective
    communication materials.
  • Oversee the whole of marketing aspect including management and guidance of fellow colleagues.
  • Working closely with overseas chinese speaking development team in on SEO features development, features, UAT and marketing reports.
  • Exploring and implementation advertising due to nature of business with restricted channels.
  • High risk advertising account management
  • Website Development
  • Outsource project and managing freelancers with escrow amount. 
  • Financial accountability of marketing budget of up to 50kUSD per month 
  • International countries of up to 10 countries
  • Language translation for advertising & marketing text and in app text
  • Sharing of growth hacking strategies across various projects
  • Interviewing and recommendation of potential new staff and verification of skillsets and role fit locally and other countries.
  • Display Ads/Apps Advertising
  • Exoclick
  • Pushground
  • Adsterra
  • Google Tag Manager
  • App Store Connect
  • Google Play Developer Console
  • Google / App Store Reputation Increment
  • Capitalist
  • Payoneer
  • Verified Marketing Accounts
  • Line Ads
  • Tiktok Ads
  • Facebook Group Growth Hack
  • Bulletproof & Unbannable Domains
  • Crytocurrency – USDT, Crypto.com, XSGD, etc
  • Algorithm growth hacking for social media growth
  • Organic Growth hacking with shorts videos
  • Microsoft Teams Productivity and Teams Task/Goals Management
  • Copyright issues
  • Restrictions of various adverting channels
  • Apple Search Ads
  • App/Play Store keywords Optimization

*Please ask me if you require any work examples as some are confidential

  • Increase Sales By 80% Minimally In SG(5-10 Local Competitors), Productivity By 500%
  • Increase Sales By 1000% Minimally For MY(3-6 Local Competitors) Productivity By 500%
  • Ranked 1st page for best podiatrist in Singapore
  • Ranked 1st page for podiatrist malaysia, best podiatrist in malaysia
  • Ranked 1st page for podiatrist singapore | malaysia with SEO partners – bestinsingapore, trusted malaysia, thefunempire
  • Even after leaving Strategy, Administrative and Marketing process was automated for growth hacking that require no extra supervision
  • Created a unique strategy and technique of getting customers to buy orthopedic shoes, get reviews, gather data and patient account creation.
  • Strategic partnership with 3rd party vendor and google my business keywords, AdWords.
  • Home page as main landing and conversion page.
  • Revamped both website and build both from scratch.
  • Integrated ( first time patient data collection + internal video access + google sheets + User registration + mobile password )
  • Integrated ( Google Calendar, appointment booking system, follow up, reminder, stripe, PayPal, Quickbooks accounting, aspire bank account, review and feedback booster)
  • Integrated (  QR code, patient review & feedback, facebook recommendation | Google review, promotion discount )

Hired as: Web Development / SEO 

Main job scope ( as of job description when applied ) 

  • Enhance web accessibility and SEO in the organization’s ecosystem of websites.
  • Manage broken links.
  • Preparing detailed strategy reports.
  • Fluent with Digital Marketing skills (Search Engine Optimisation, analytics).
  • Strategic planning, formulating & execution of effective
  • SEO strategies with the purpose of improving organic traffic and search ranking.
  • Provide creative and interactive components to our existing online services and improve on web user experience.
  • Possess experience in SEO function and in-depth knowledge of Google search engine.
  • Ability to monitor, identify and troubleshoot all sites error and all technical SEO issues.
  • Identify the key SEO KPIs.
  • Instead of improving the current website, I’ve revamped and recreated the whole website from scratch, from familypodiatrycentre.com/sg | familypodiatrycentre.com/my to one singular website of familypodiatrycentre.com and solescapeshoe.com to a new solescapeshoes.com 
  • Google my business revamped


  • Strategic Planning of not only in SEO but Facebook, Instagram, youtube, content, storyboard with integration via various channels. Paused currently due to lack of staff and previous staff incompetence

Fully Automated Booking system ( FPC SG | MY, Solescape SG | MY )

  • Google calendar integration
  • Doctors schedule integration
  • Confirmation via google invite – email | SMS | WhatsApp integration for
  • Google calendar and conditions display
  • Patient | admin confirmation reminder, patient | admin appointment reminder | rescheduling | rescheduling reminder |
  • After appointment gratitude emails with reviews and feedback and patient member login
  • Holiday
  • PayPal | Stripe integration ( SGD AND MYR )
  • Email formatting and forwarding to various departments)
  • Online booking via zoom | zoom integration for all doctors & physio

Accounting and Administrative

  • Facebook training, SEO writing training, website backend usage training, chrome extension marketing tools training.
  • Aspire bank account recommendation and training for ease of management usage(budget control and card access), cashback and e-commerce integration. Accounting integration, uploads, and budget proof

  • Training of staff usage, front desk, and backend of the new website

Managed Web Hosting Solution

  • Migrated from previously overcharged and low-quality web hosting vendors and avoided being trapped by them.
  • The domain of Familypodiatrycentre.com | Solescapeshoe.com also purchased the domain of Solescapeshoes.com
  • Webmail migration from the previous host with limited email data size space of 1-2GB to 50GB perusers
  • Integrated and implemented Gmail | Outlook for ease of access and training of usage for various team members
  • Security administrative of various retired team members access and data security of emails.
  • Company IT cyber security software and hardware (website, printer, router, phone and 2Fa )
  • SSL Integration
  • Website speed improvement

Marketing Automation and Productivity solutions
From Google forms and multiple steps to a combined solution on Website

  • First time Sign in (full patient information and details)
  • Trace together
  • Automated Data integration for administrative usage on google sheets and security prevention of data leakage for Malaysia
  • Members Account Creation ( automated internal video access for own internal members patients access of training videos not available to the public eyes)
  • Marketing Automation of Google Reviews and Facebook, with promotion setup) 

SEM ( Google Adwords )

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Advance Keyword bidding and ads strategizing – location, callout, google my business
  • Retargeting Ads and etc


  • Google My business fix from duplication of Malaysia to grouped and individual and ranking for various important keywords
  • Outsourcing, Managing, and pricing negotiation with third-party vendors like (bestinsg, trustedmy and more )
  • Domain keywords Advise and expansion (Podiatrist.sg, footdoctor.sg, podiatrist.com.my, podiatrist.my, podiatrist.asia and etc )
  • Future strategy and planning of expansion into the international market
  • Revamped the whole entire website into the home page as a landing page
  • Included staff reviews to increase morale and business credibility
  • Solescape – Created a combined system that integrates purchase and consultation to increase sales leads 
  • Integrated appointment booking system with e-commerce
  • Basic photo|image designs editing
  • Responding on Facebook | Instagram for both companies, also created an automated response system to answer common queries
  • Facebook Pixels integration to a website that collects data and cookies for remarketing
  • Email from website spam mail to normal mail every time.
  • Optimize image size before uploading to the website
  • Image editing | collage for models
  • Laptop and desktop setup for staff and admin
  • Account creation and security invite for business owner control and access
  • UI | UX for patient members login | staff training for access
  • SGD and MYR payment setup, with a monthly automated deposit to the bank
  • The hiring of the staff job description and training material, interviewing & portfolio evaluation
  • Managing new staff job scope, and pushing existing staff to adapt to the new system with video training guides and constant support
  • Taking meeting minutes and recording
  • Website backup of old website harassed by the previous vendor, revamping it for new website under control

Real Life QR Example

SEO | SEM | Advance GMB 

Integrated Booking System

Promo QR Review Boost

Live Recorded Training Video Example

Hired as: Marketing Executive 

Main job scope  

  • Handling of social media accounts – Linkedin, Facebook and Google
  • Website Designs and 3rd part vendor management
  • Brochure Designs
  • Translation of Chinese news to English and English to Russia
  • Events 
  • Gebiz Opportunities
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonial
  • Video Editing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO 
  • SEM
  • Analytics Report
  • Sourcing for Partnership Reseller
  • Going overseas to China to understand the company better
  • Came out with possible integration plan for industrial automation partners.

2014 – 2016

Anovate Soft Pte Ltd

Hired as: Sales Executive

Promoted to: Marketing & Sales Manager

Main job scope  

  • Cold Calling
  • Door to Door
  • Invoice creation
  • PO creation
  • Contract Design
  • Follow up
  • Website Design
  • Project Management
  • Namecard Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Presentation
  • Too much to list…
  • And Marketing From Scratch, UI/UX Designs And Website Development With Marketing, Gebiz And Government Grant Application
  • Brought In Total Sales Of $467 300
  • Lead & Managed A Team Of 5 Consistent Of Project Manager, Design Team And Developers
  • Learned About Most Skills Online Or Through Experience Hands-On With Zero Prior Knowledge.

My Artistic CV

Front Headshots

DOB: 16 September 1994
Weight: 70-72kg
Height: 168cm
Race: Chinese
Waist: 34
Shirt Size: L
Shoe Size: US 9
Language spoken: English, Chinese, Hokkien / Cantonese
Tattoos: Right arm, Full Back, Left and Right chest
Piecing: Left ear lob, Left Ear Industrial and Right Eyebrow 

Full & Half Body Shots | Tattoos areas | Fitness

Hobbies: Writing, Mixed Martial Arts, Listening to Music, Diving, Reading, PC Games.

*These photos are taken as of June 2021

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