Integrated Web Development imbued with Growth Hacking Strategies in Automations

We – Analyse X Strategies Business Competitive Edge Implement Different Types of Technology to

Growth Hack – Business Productivity, Market Credibility & Customers Loyalty.

Ultimately – Training X Automating the process & workflow

2 Build Your – Specialisation

Best way to create X learn a growth hacking website which converts

I have been creating websites for small businesses in several industry for about 7 years now. Not only creating websites that looks nice but scalable and easy for my clients to make amends by themselves once its build. Almost always, I was engaged to revamp the website from scratch due to the CMS platform lacking in certain functions, weak in marketing or the previous web designer didn’t do a proper job either in building the website or making it work for the company. Do check out some of my successful case studies for examples.

When you try you learn yourself or engage another to do it, depending on the experience they might not build for you the required system that you would need and go with whatever that seems to work, only to find out later it doesn’t, thus many trial and error, this ultimately affect your productivity or revenue.

However, we having been there and done that, already knows and would use something that have already proven that it works. Essentially you’re relying on our expertise for shortcut

Unlike the usual template given which most often isn’t mobile responsive and optimized. The custom template that we provide to you are so that you can focus.

We have designed this to work visually with minimal coding required, however, when there is a more complicated process, we will provide a video guide & blog for you to follow, simply copy and paste.

With the video guide and page builder we offered, anyone that is able to use PowerPoint should have no issue handling it or updating it.

We are confident that if someone follow closely with our video guide provided and focus just 1-2hour per day working on the website, results are bound to show within a month, be it for marketing or web designs.

You no longer have to worry about buying or overpaying the wrong hosting, email, add-ons, plugins as we’ve already selected for you, and ready for you to increase should you need to.

We provide constant updates on growth hacking, powerful software integrations and latest designs templates. Being a local, you can expect me to understand and help you better, and I’m part of the legal system you’re in too, therefore committed to fulfill my agreement

Anything that happen to your website, we have a daily backup, and we will also teach you how to manually backup your site locally, just in case you have a version that you liked.

Since we’re build on WordPress, there are thousands of plugins available for you to explore and play with. If you required some custom codes in the future, don’t worry, it’s open source.

Not only do we provide internal training videos, the benefits of having build on WordPress means that there’s also a tons of guides out there for you to learn any specifics you would be interested in and implementing it. We would also be recommending those that are good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn Growth Hacking Secrets

  • Ready to use with the latest software available
  • Premium Frontend Page Builder
  • Premium Guided SEO Booster
  • One-Click Backup
  • Ready Customised Page for SEO
  • Ready Customised Articles Template for SEO Blog 
  • Ready Mobile Responsive
  • Ready Layout for Header & Footer
  • Customizable with other WordPress addons
  • Personal Portfolio Page

Instant Best Practice Setup

  • Best way to create website grow a website
  • UI/UX Planning & Elements
  • Brand credibility persuasion layout
  • Integrating the website with marketing automation tools
  • The best-recommended software and why
  • Growth Hacking Secrets
  • SEO Strategising and Keyword Planning
  • Google Adwords Keyword Planning
  • Basic & Advance Google My Business
  • Google Snippet Tactics
  • Building a website from scratch
  • Other recommended software to increase your website capability
  • Forms Productivity & Integrations
  • Integrating Online & Offline Marketing | Business Process
  • Tactics and Tools to organic gain social media Follows & Reviews
  • Tactical Instant SEO Booster
  • Synchronizing domain name, branding & keywords to create the most effective marketing results.
  • Purchase of .SG .COM.SG domains
  • Email Integration on both outlook & and how to set it up to protect your data

Marketing Automation Integrations

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Webmaster Integration
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Google Pagespeed Integration
  • Google Tag Conversion Setup
  • SEO Tools Integration
  • Website Speed Booster
  • Image Optimiser
  • Lazy Load
  • Schema
  • Best SEO | Social Sharing Layout
  • Contact Forms | Click to Action | Popups | 
  • Appointment Booking
  • Contact Button Shortcut
  • Facebook | Google Review Gathering Page

Optimized Web Hosting & Maintainance

  • 5GB SSD Cloud Hosting
  • 15GB Business Email | Gmail & Outlook Configurable
  • SSL 
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • 3GB RAM
  • Daily Backup
  • Dedicated IP
  • Singapore Server
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Custom Marketing Automation Web Development

Marketing Automation

Google Analytics Integration, SEO Copywriting Tools Integration, Google Webmaster Integration, Schema Tools, Website Speed, CDN, SSL, Social Media Integrations, Feedback Form & Qr Code

Strategic Planning

UI / UX Planning, Brand Credibility Persuasion Layout, Staff Workflow Training, Competitive Keyword Research for SEO and SEM

Web Development

Domain, Hosting, Brand Design, Website Revamp, Administrative Friendly CMS, Latest Software, Mobile Responsiveness

Productivity Implementation

Booking System, Internal Membership Page, First Time Sign Up, Administrative System Integration. *This is dependent on the workload and might not be included in this package

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